How Lumley Insurance found a new lease of life


Coaching helped Lumley Insurance to transform into a more profitable business with a great atmosphere.


Lumley Insurance company overview

Lumley Insurance provides insurance services for high value individuals and property. Founded in 1993, Lumley Insurance has built up a loyal client base over the years.


Lumley Insurance felt that the company’s performance was below par and there was room for improvement.


Chairman John Lumley found Gary through an online search and after speaking to him, felt that he had the knowledge and experience required to effect change within the company.


At first, John found Gary quite challenging to work with but soon found that Gary’s coaching was working. Lumley Insurance soon had Gary focusing on almost every aspect of the business, and things have improved greatly. There is now a positive attitude throughout the company and much more seems possible for the team. Gary did not shy away from having difficult conversations and addressing the tough decisions John needed to make within the business. Costs have been cut; dead wood has been removed and green shoots are beginning to show through.
When asked whether Lumley Insurance would work with Gary again, John responded that actually, Gary has done such a good job in transforming the business there was nothing left for him to do!

Gary transformed my business from top to bottom”


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